SapientNRG is the engineering team of Sapient which strives for sustainability through unique and innovative projects, one of which is the MagneticGEN, our renewable and circular power-bank.  The MagneticGEN captures the lost energy of vibrations from basic movements such as walking, running, or cycling, will be able to recharge itself and in turn charge devices like phones and more!

Circular Design

The MagneticGEN has a circular design. It is made of simple parts that assemble around a 3D printed main structure, which also made of parts. This allows easy changing of parts if they break or because of wear & tear. Owners of MagneticGEN can choose to fix it themselves after ordering parts, or we can fix it easily ourselves for them. It prevents waste and ensures it will last for many years. It also allows customization of each MagneticGEN according to the desires of the customers.

Many possible applications

The MagneticGEN has 3 different designs, for 3 different uses. We are currently prototyping the Midi. This one is for private consumers, to remove their dependency on the grip for their personal devices.
The next one, the
Mini, is aimed to be installed into electrical appliances in order to decrease there electrical consumption and increase their efficiency.
Last but not least, the
Maxi, is meant for industrial use and transportation. Bridges could light themselves from their vibrations. Stops of public transport could be taken off-grid. Factories that have vibrating machines and environments will be able to decrease their electrical carbon footprint by generating energy themselves.
We see a future where every vibration counts!

3rd place winner of the 2020 Climate Launchpad awards, National level, Netherlands!

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