Healthy & Affordable is a project existing since 2013 which aims to reduce the amount of food being wasted in Amsterdam, and the Netherlands. As such, it aspires to become a social business through scaling up and creating more impact.


The great changemakers at H&Aff collect food which is no longer wanted by consumers, because of its shape, size, defects, wrinkles, etc, but is still nutritious and good to eat. We then process it in different ways such as drying, freezing, or pickling, so it could be stored and sold, preventing it from being wasted, reviving it to be a consumable product again, just in a different form.



As food active waste organisations in the Netherlands, unity is very important, an individual fight is all the more harder to hold on to.


We at Food Circle aim to bring an end to food waste. How?

By keeping the fight alive. We have created a never before existed network between the food waste organisations, and by doing that, we can make a bigger difference together.


Food Circle is more or less like a beehive orchestrater,

it coordinates the needs and strengths of each organisation,

so that all the bees can benefit from each others' hard work

and achievements without losing their individual input and character.


Aside from connecting and coordinating the network, we focus

on each organisation's visible goal, and what exactly it needs

to do to to reach its full potential. How? By offering professional help through interns on different fields, giving access to many workshops and events that focus on solving their problems

and overcoming all challenges.


More specifically, you can find out more about how

we can help here.


We wish to be the extra lent hands that can help you in an emergency or where you just don't have the manpower.

And as we grow with each organisation that joins this network,

we will learn how to help more efficiently.


Our end goal is all the same: to bring an end to food waste.

And together we are stronger!



Oview is a mobile application, which is meant to internationally engage smartphone users. The main two ways are facilitation

of the possibility for people to develop their own opinion,

and giving them the opportunity to make that opinion count

and heard. Oview has the two most important elements

in it to make your voice valuable. Freedom to form

Your Own Opinion and Freedom of speech.


Our show of hands will help society hear the voice of people across the world.  And by making the results easy to understand, everyone will be able to participate in a global emancipation of democracy.

In short, we want to make your voice relevant again. With Oview,

it just takes one swipe to be an opinion maker.



SapientNRG is the engineering projects branch of Sapient. It strives for sustainability, which means, that it tackles renewable energy, waste management, pollution, transportation and infrastructure. Despite

the damage the world has endured over the past century, the effects

are not irreversible; we want to change the momentum towards a clean high-tech world. Unique, innovative and intricate projects will, alongside other companies, engineers and the government, push towards

a much greener future.


Based in Amsterdam, one of the most innovative and international cities worldwide, it is on the fast track lane towards making the Netherlands

and the world, cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable.


Our team is made of international members, each with the same dream:

to create beneficial new technology.


MagneticGen is the current project SapientNRG is working on. A levitating magnet with its own electro-magnetic elasticity could be compared

to a normal gravity pendulum. It can harness the vibrations deflected onto it to transform this mechanical energy to an electrical one. Its field of use

is wide, from ground and wall vibrations to body ones, it will be an asset

to the dutch renewable energy empire.

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