FSEN NL has been creating a network of social entrepreneurs across the Netherlands, and we support them with learning opportunities, collaboration opportunities and visibility, and build solutions to food waste. If an initiative encounters challenges, we are here to help them. Without any charges, we have a strong capability to promote initiatives and spread their story, which will do well for their reputation, and also to make them get in touch with many other initiatives in the Netherlands.


We offer social business advice and workshops to entrepreneurs who want to make their ideas great companies.

Food waste and democracy are issues we really care about.


Have a look at the projects we support. Contact us if you want to let us know your

own project!

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We are reviving our out-of-date democracy! Many of us feel left out by politicians who do not fit their job and companies that answer to no one. Important decisions that affect us all are taken over our heads. And on top of it, we are not even asked for our opinions. Wouldn't it be fair to have a say in the matters that concern us? To accomplish just that, Crowdocracy wants to channel the wisdom of the crowd, to put decision making back in our hands. With Crowdocracy, you can propose changes and put it to a vote. It helps you to find solutions in an open and accessible way. Put the future of your organization, city, or even whole country, in the palm of your hand. If you want your proposals to get accepted, it helps to know what your peers are thinking. Oview is developing a mobile app to reveal the opinion of the people. Find out what others think about today’s issues, and make your opinion count!


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