With every potential client, we first should have a meeting to understand their business and what they would like to convey to their followers/users/clients. 

trying to understand the essence of it.

During this meeting we will request an ‘analyst’ access to their Social Media accounts (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) to perform an analysis of the accounts.

We will thereafter prepare an analysis spreadsheet to share with the client. To prepare this spreadsheet we do the following:

  • Look at the last 3 months posts, stories, activity.

  • Mark the 5 best and 5 worst posts, analyse them deeper and develop conclusions.

  • Use general insights like graphs and diagrams, of the posts, the audience, the engagement etc.

  • Write a visual analysis of the posts we chose to focus on as examples.

  • Write a text analysis of the posts we chose to focus on as examples.

  • Write a hashtag analysis of the posts we chose to focus on as examples.

The main point of our service is to maintain the IG, FB, & Lnkd accounts active for the organisation. The more active the organisation wants to be, the more posts the Sapient Social Media team will have to make, and the higher the price. For Sapient, an active organisation, on Social Media, should have 1 post per week on LinkedIn, 2 on Facebook, and 3 on Instagram, that is how we define ‘active’. Below that we consider inactive, and more than that we consider more than just active, meaning ‘very active’, or ‘extremely active’.

We are offering to do it in three different schemes:

  1. ACTIVE - 200 euros per month (50 euros per week)

LinkedIn - 1 post per week

Facebook - 2 posts per week

Instagram - 3 posts per week

  1. VERY ACTIVE - 400 euros per month

LinkedIn - 2 posts per week

Facebook- 3 posts per week

Instagram - 5 posts per week

  1. EXTREMELY ACTIVE - 600 euros per month

LinkedIn - 3 posts per week

Facebook - 4 posts per week

Instagram - 7 posts per week

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